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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy

"As long as your focus remains on the donor, your data-driven strategies will evolve to benefit your organization. To be guided by data means to be guided by donors. Donors are the remarkable coefficients in high-results equations. If you plug them into your formula, your results will be extraordinary." *From Fundraising Analytics

Today's successful nonprofits use information as a resource implemented in their organizational culture and realize that having an authentic vision for analytics is the key to successful fundraising. Fundraising Analytics shows nonprofit executive directors, fundraising managers, directors of development, planned giving officers, and consultants how to turn their organizational data *with an appropriate focus on donors* into actionable knowledge. The result? A vibrant, donor-centered nonprofit organization that makes maximum use of data to reveal the unique diversity of its donors.

Written by Joshua Birkholz, a leading practitioner and creative thinker in the world of analytics and philanthropy, to help nonprofits recognize the opportunities provided by fundraising analytics, this innovative book explores how analytics can be optimally used to drive success in fundraising. It provides step-by-step instructions for conducting analysis in-house, with invaluable advice on how to:

  • - Understand your constituents
  • - Identify potential prospects for major and planned giving
  • - Develop campaign planning including capacity analysis and pyramid design
  • - Build a data-driven prospect management system
  • - Develop metrics to gauge and guide your success
  • - Select data for mining
  • - Broaden your support base
  • - Build a model to predict giving at your organization

Organizations are seeing remarkable results through development of sophisticated systems for understanding their customers and using data to guide strategy. Part of the Wiley/AFP Fund Development Series, Fundraising Analytics is an easy-to-use, relevant book that can be used by all development officers with a vision towards deepening connection with donors and increasing nonprofit fundraising.

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