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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Philanthropy and Fundraising Changing Through Use of the Internet

Read one fundraiser's perspective on how the internet has changed philanthropy and fundraising.

By Toni Goodale

Over the last decade, I have witnessed several changes in the fund-raising field. Some of these changes have been beneficial and, indeed, welcome developments. However, some of these new developments are arguably detrimental to successful fund-raising efforts. Let's explore some of these.

There have been several noticeable changes in fund raising for major gifts, the large gifts that constitute the majority of dollars for any campaign. First, fund raising for major gifts have become a more time consuming process: today, major gifts have not decreased in size, but they might take three or four visits to successfully solicit.

Read the full story, published on 9/2/2007, from the San Francisco Sentinel



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