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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nonprofits Overcome Hiring Challenges; Johns Hopkins Study Shows Nonprofits Able to Fulfill Hiring Goals

There has been much talk about building tomorrow's nonprofit work force. Institutions face the challenge of attracting, retaining, and developing a skilled and committed work force. This new study challenges the popular assumption that nonprofits are losing out in the competitive market for personnel.

BALTIMORE, Sept. 1 (AScribe Newswire) -- In the face of concerns about a workforce crisis in the nonprofit sector, a recent survey by the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Listening Post Project found that nonprofits have been surprisingly successful in recruiting professional and support staff despite significant challenges.

Nearly 85 percent of organizations reported recruiting for such positions in the preceding year, and well over 80 percent of these reported satisfaction with the qualifications and commitment of the candidates they attracted. In addition, a substantial majority also indicated satisfaction with the salary requirements of their recruits.

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Additional reading: "Charity Leaders Report Difficulty in Finding Good Workers to Hire," 8/31/2007, The Chronicle of Philanthropy.



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