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Friday, October 12, 2007

Press Release: Announcing SecureID

Over the past six years, AlumniFinder has set the standard for data quality by helping institutions locate their lost alumni. Now through a partnership with Entiera we are able to offer two new, revolutionary products to our customers. Both have proven potential to dramatically enhance your alumni communications and fundraising efforts.

Secure ID - We're now taking enhanced data security and integrity to the next level. SecureID is a unique, perpetual identifier unrelated to Social Security number. Some of the benefits of SecureID include:

*Eliminates the need to use Social Security numbers in your alumni database. Once assigned, the SecureID is permanent for an individual, and tracks name changes, moves, and other life events.
*Eliminates the risk of identity theft. By removing the Social Security Number and replacing it with SecureID, identity theft is virtually impossible. SecureID also complies with Federal and State data privacy laws.
*Improves data quality. SecureID assignment is made using the most up-to-date and comprehensive reference database available. The SecureID process identifies inaccurate or duplicate records in your database, and helps find unknown addresses and telephone numbers.

AlumniDashboard - This web based tool helps increase ROI by giving you convenient access to your Alumni/Donor records through the AlumniDashboard platform. This easy to use system can provide everything from simple count/extract/report capabilities to sophisticated marketing analytics and "best practices" multi-channel, multi-stage campaign management. Often the SecureID and the AlumniDashboard pay for themselves after the first campaign by delivering a more targeted meaningful message to various alumni segments and by lowering overall fundraising costs associated with undeliverable/duplicate mail and old phone numbers.

For more information go to to download our brochure.

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